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Portuguese Association of Hearing Prostheses and Implants Holders

Week of sound in Portugal will be in 2025

Brief introduction

Associação Ouvir was founded on March 11, 2011

The Association aims to represent and defend the general, individual and collective interests of its members and, also, as consumers, of those with hearing aids and implants residing in Portugal. Its purpose is to provide conditions so that all people with hypoacusis can minimize the physical, psychological, social and vocational impact that a disability caused by hearing loss may cause, as well as clarify, prevent or inform the family and the general population of which procedures in helping these same people.

Organizations in which Ouvir is associated

National Confederation of Organizations of People with Disabilities

Represents 36 organizations of People with Disabilities, encompassing all types of disabilities (mental, motor, sensory and organic). She is the representative, in Portugal, of the European Disability Forum and is an effective member of the Economic and Social Council and the RTP Opinion Council

European Association of Cochlear Implant Users

EURO-CIU is a non-governmental and non-profit association which was established in Luxembourg in 1995. The association consists of 34 national member associations from 26 European countries.

European Federation of Hard of Hearing People

EFHOH works to promote awareness, understanding and collaborative practical actions that remove the barriers for hard of hearing people to reach their full potential with access to affordable, universal hearing care and rehabilitation, including hearing aids and cochlear implants. This is optimised by an accessible society with public services, hearing loops, subtitling, captioning and assistive devices.

World Hearing Forum

The World Hearing Forum is filling a critical gap by bringing a collective vision to advocacy and collaboration across hearing care. By sharing knowledge, skills and experiences from the field, the forum is galvanizing action towards a world in which no person experiences hearing loss due to preventable causes – and those with hearing loss can achieve their full potential through early identification and appropriate management of their condition.


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